Oh how a bitter the pill the thorn in the heart this evil sensation.

Crying out in the chill of darkness, eliminating light from hope, such cruel words.

Wandering the vast land for a road that is my own.

Addicted to the appluase but abuse is all I get and know, I dont know what else.

This side don’t want me.

This side don’t like me.

wounded and howling in despaire of my reaching.

Am I seeing correctly?

What is in your heart?

What do you think of me?


If I say no will you call me?

If I hurt will you aid me in splender and quickness?

i don’t. need nor desire to know why you left if you leave.

But if you stay be sure on your on accord to accept my conditions.

oh dream come to me with such a drive to finish the race.

I dont want to throw tandrums for leading or giving.

Abba Father send your angels as I went left and you told me right.

Look unto me again and break every uneven yoke in me, my life, and family.

Lead me and heal this shattered heart, broken mind, and wounded back.

I don’t want to be someones beck and call.

I don’t want to have to work to be kept.

I dont want to bend for what I keep.

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