Luxous Sensational Love

That feeling of soft lips and teeth or tongue switching plays between joys of high.

His hand around my waist as we dance and laugh.

We tease and poke or joke to make the other blush.

Pull me into you, close to you with that I know.

Breath me in, as I you like a winery drawn to finest of drinks.

Is there anything like this you can get with another?

Feeling of sun rays in my inner soul emitting to you, from you and throughout the rooms..

If in the heat of explosion you are not please with me even when we go back to pleasure may this heat burn a blaze.

Connect with me even in silence.

Yet never hide from me even in noise.

Teach me to come to you in place and shame me not if I stutter or fall.

Let go of your shackles free me of these chains.

Allow me in your secret of secrets.

Let me in when you want no one.

Tease my ears, as I stroke your neck and back hairs.

Allow my skin to dance across yours and haste not the journey to any end but endure the pauses without fear of utter close bridge.

Speak to me, when you have nothing to say.

Watch me if I walk away. Dare I turn around and you be nowhere.

Seek me if I be stubborn.

I bite only a little, but more bark than any

Less you desire me no more.

Then my bite nor bark will be none, for then you shall not find me.

Don’t make me wait and I be as a leaf in the wind.

Trees can’t bind me.

Nor mountains hide me.

So fill me unconditionally with concrete understanding.

Look at me as eyes of light and concern. Desire and longing.

Love me as geek finding breast of woman for the first time.

Show me how to live a love that is like no fairy tale can ever tell.

Cherish me as one never knew wealth found a formula to unending revenue and sell me not after getting all you can never need.

May with me you never get enough.

For you may I never cease witnessing the pleasures in your eyes when you see me.

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