We’re even

No one likes a smart mouth.

But many follow fools.

No one likes arrogance.

But truth is hard to swallow.

Never redate an ex.

It didn’t work the 1st time

First impressions are the gold mine to further encounters or the dead end to meet again.

Yet often they could be misleading.

You could be walking in on a person with their last string of hope.

Sometimes we walk out just as one is beginning to see light.

Life is a battlefield, an adventure, a journey.

No one gave us instructions.

Some say you do the best you can with what you have.

You can if you knew how but others seem to just know.

How ever a dream any dream can take you just as far as multiple dreams

Today you like me, yesterday you hated me, but tomorrow i wont want you.

What do you do when ou gave only kindness and in return you received grief?

Was i to deal on with your discomfort til you figured it out?

I don’t want to fight.

I don’t even want to manage your dysfunction for i have plenty.

When i was in the ring whom could i tag?

While i battled your friends, whom did you aid?

Could silence help me?

Could absence heal me?

Would turning a blind eye to me, whom i gave all make me into gold?

Well then when you scream and no one hears, but i feel, will i then be just as guilty?

Lord give me the strength, to aid those who hate me.

Lord give me, love that overflows to places coals on their head.

Excuse me as i become the bigger person meek enough to take me cross.

Two wrongs that can’t make a right.

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