Not at All

They stare in discontent.

I will be as I am.

I look to see their minds spinning in ideas, pulling at the wind above.

One uses her tongue to cut down flesh.

The other vain ideas and funny words.

Spoiling a child does not nurture good behavior.

Is why that child lacks respect for you.

You don’t see the child as someone you must protect, guide, and nor can you correct such behavior if gotten out of hand.

You who shut down because you are still drinking milk of this world.

Life has not been as cruel, or cunning.

Oh someone spoke ill of you at work.

Another driver dove in front of you on the byway to work?

Some customers didn’t like your presentation

Dear if I had that life, I have it made.

Has anyone wanted your life so much so to the point if you didn’t see the evil intent in their behavior or eyes that your skin crawl at the very thought of what you might had to do?

Have you dealt with seasons of evil men that were so desperate that in broad day light they tried to take your life or something deeper….?

You came across a whack job that out the blue leaped at you for kicks but was serious concerning the attack?

Ah you met a person then attacked you physically repeatedly but then toyed with your emotion and claimed to be friends and when you found your voice you were still left by blind law?

What a battered bitter widowed woman and a childless daughter have in common?

They don’t know how to love, protect, and be honest about grooming a child.

That anytime they come across a misbehave child, they rather shout at the child, plead with child, then hear the child physically cry from a spanking that was due them.

As if words, even mean words are much better than a 30second to a min spanking, session.

Your like him, be careful, she says.

A spanking shall not kill a child. for it by definition is the correction of the rod.

A fool says in his heart there is no God.

Verily I say unto you, I do not fear correcting what is mine, for when not done in anger, strife, spite, or heat of moment is much better than strife, anger and bare back till the age of young adult.

Suffocating under the weight of a man in the nude during what he calls corrections.

She married it, I bore it, but I could never dish it, serve it; hot, cold, nor mild.

No. That is something I will never do.

No aunt or grandma is going to tell me otherwise.

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