Nothing worst

Geez that mouth again.

She is getting a diploma from a community college has something to say.

Nothing wrong with colleges of the community.

I attended one, on the other hand, here comes my chip. From the shoulder, pow!

I also attended a uni-ver-sity

Yeah but I’m humble as hake.

I don’t go I’m big n bad and in the time I finished you could have, at least a doctorine

Oh but I know.

I know

You spent 4 freaking years.

Let’s see I was there from oh look 8yrs, I rounded up since it only took me 7in half.

Why do people do that?

Act as through 1person is better simply because they like them?

“Oh yeah you better even if you spent 20yrs in highschool?”

Smh well you can’t possibly have used that time wisely because and dear this is a fact.

The world is ever changing but also the freaking same. so cheers to all the know it alls.

All the ones that said to life they never will and kept true to the letter.

But to you hiporcrits that became the monsters you feared and still lie….they knew it!

Who knew it?

The freaking universal know it all.

The same ones that don’t know anything.

The ones that believe their life experience is the truth while others with different perspective and outcome simply were duped because they are idiots, know it all. Even through they came to the scene much later

You know the mp3 my bad Spotify generation vs cassette tape, we had floppy disk and freaking Mavis beacon ass generation.

Around when Micheal jorden owned jordens shoe consumers were flashy and a thing generation.

And what you got know it all generation? Whatever you had brought corrvid, must have now, glitchy, I didn’t mean to call you, big brother spying through smart tv behind.

You guys are more stress, with more info, dragged to buy cause you young, bored but got all the toys that are ridiculously fragile generation.

Boom. Dropped the mic.

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