One lonely number

One is not lonely.

Yes, you can laugh with companions but oh in the end how they remind you how much your opinion doesn’t matter.

What you think oh well this one time, is ok, but how many times have they ignored you and waved you off as a fly to face?

If one was on an island, born outside the world of illusions and lies.

The tides of news that ever fickle men made trends of.

If one’s island had books, food, water, all the necessities and 1 human being one would not die, nor know what to lack.

Maybe in curosity asked who wrote these books?

Why these characters?

But if a certain book say world of wars, one of destruction, germs, deaths of many forms.

Staying put wouldn’t sound so bad.

In a room with others.

In a house with others does not mean loneliness is absent.

Does not mean huge issues are not present.

Eve was tricked by a serpent and Adam was right there.

No, not down the hall, in another room but right there.

Who is watching you drown in utter silent screams?

I see you, wondering when your voice will become auditable.

When will the very ones close to you cease treating you beneath them?

I tell you the truth being alone, is not a state of being.

But if the mind is like a waging wind give a cry to God who is willing and able to fill you.

I looked to my left and he, my friend was not there.

I look to my right and my sister was nowhere to be found.

I looked behind me and my back was bare.

My feet had swollen searching and waiting for the ones who were at peace with my absence.

One isn’t lonely because when I came to, I was able to find my island of peace, self love, and I may not be as strong as I used to be.

But returning to you, I won’t do.

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