Failed to land, failed to take off

Even at a time such as this, stupity like cockroaches, like fleas, like false clarence sales still thrive.

The average and brilliance have to suffer among the stupids and entitled.

Entitled are on the fence of annoyance and environmental hazard of inflected harm due to running of the mouth.

They understand not; that better yet they accept not the fact that during this phase of aging past 28 means we part from behaviors more suitable of a child 12 or 4 exactly.

The entitled are not condition to economic standards nor intellectually decline.

One side, one may excuse such behavior to wealth as they have a certain knack for looking their nose down among us as ants to a giant.

On another note because one is less fortunate then perhaps because surroundings.

If you act stupid and have the caliber to form sentences your an ass to me.

A guy says your beautiful, but you never met, and oddly you don’t know how to feel.

Previously lost in thought of what the day may bring, some stranger says you smell good.

Having to carry a smile all day, and even when hostile work environment got you, you carried that stupid smile.

Yes, you like your job a little, but it doesn’t stop being mondane.

My last job was at a man’s clothing store, it had everything, they say women love to shop, idk

Nothing like seeing a nice build in a suit, or seeing the light in his eyes as he picks out an outfit that I just can’t help but agree, it looks good.

However the smile on my face, is the same for any, as a person who job criteria demands but as someone who will have to switch roles eventually.

Hopes that the public service be as kind to me, if not kinder as I shop, look, or pass through to simply kill time and enjoy the sights.

Hearing your beautiful, doesn’t faze me.

I either believe, know it myself or it’s as in the wind as any.

Males get offended when you don’t blush at the idea of his compliment.

Maybe I heard it so many times my ego’s like a cat, hissing, “enough.”

Some people need to hear it. Their esteem won’t allow it to come from within.

Others need to hear it, as their life experience taught them to depend on it.

Others need it to remind them to have a good day.

However said, I cannot promise the intent behind the words nor it’s sincerety.

I guess it depends on the female, how she was brought up.

Would it help if I toss my hair back, giggle and say I know?

Or thank you?

Is it how you felt or you honestly wanted someone to notice your beauty or smell?

I wasn’t raised to depend on words of confirmation. Like a boy, tough love, and chores.

The quiet tomboy girly on Sundays was not raise to rely on the male to pay the tab, to open the door, to pay her bills, to move her couch or table, to kill the bug, or even to be appreciated.

But I still say thank you, open your door from the inside because you opened my, and if I must drill, unclog, toss out trash better to go ahead then wait til you need to.

So don’t test me, to see if I called more than 4x or text when you leave me hanging. Don’t think me cruel because I didn’t go gaga for your sentiments.

Queens do what they have to, know their beautiful even in rags, and child I do not expect you to pay my bills. I totally got it.

I expect respect and yes it baffles me that a strange man up out the blue seem to think to tell me, I’m beautiful or smell good is a thing.

It’s as if someone said nice shoes through I get it; as a woman I tell women that for either 2 reasons to connect, and make conversation, or to request where they got them.

You smell good? you look beautiful today? how was your day? I love you. I like you, what is new? Just sounds so much better makes far better sense from a guy you already know, like, sleeping with because your, married to.

Males so casually throw out words that honestly if you think it about it, makes sense why a woman look at a man like what you want?

Women are just intentional creatures by birth, I guess that is why God made Adam first, to give him a a little hope, and a chance.

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