The woman is in denial

In a group a man asked the participants to rate their single lives from a 1 to 10.

1 meaning ready to commit 10 being you content without.

I listen but no one spoke on this.

By far it was miss.

I am content, I couldn’t imagine married life because…

I’m fixing me, it’s not time, I’m dating and it will lead to, Etc

My mother was and still to this day damage.

She speaks of the past as if she wish it to be.

She was by far not a woman I wish to mimic or aim my aspirational life to.

She wakes up before the sun in her aches and pain, move, move even when she has visitors.

In her own house, through the man is dead and long gone she has no peace.

Her marriage was a bite out of hell.

Her children wouldn’t dare touch marriage with a 6in pole.

3 did marry. Only one remain married and through marriage isn’t perfect, I sure is hell wouldn’t want hers.

One of my brother marry like changing shoes.

The other so angry, marriage is like chains to him, he rather go behind bars than a warm homey bed with locks he has the key to.

No I’m content.

Once I wanted a dance partner for life, he would move and I would feel light on my feet.

That love that look at your winkles, and hand as it did when you were young.

The eyes filled for only you and visa versa, who hands fit and hugs you miss.

That voice that comes from a man that cares, and even in anger is wise and you only have to whisper and he knows.

That rare love, so real that unfortunately I only witness in movies, so at the snap of the fingers, wake up!

I rather swear at the fat to move off my hips to someone else then have to bit off the ears of another grown adult.

I rather build my dream home and rely on my wits then choose another date and figure him out.

Or fight about my preference, past, or any other petty fight.

I rather wash my own toilet than deal with the uncertainty that is dating, courting, married, and cycles of abuse.

Or make a bad choice because of my personal preference not to repeat my folks terrible choice.

Why aren’t you married yet?

Well in the Bible said be fruitful and multiply but that was in the the old testament, before billions of people polluted the air, water, all resource and you think I’m going to be another dumb sister popping babies during the end of the world?

My name isn’t misery I don’t need the company.

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