Forgive me

He likes you.

Me, looking back and forth. Who?


Me? Why? When? Who told you?

He told me.

He told you but not me.

He likes you.

I’m not into him. Plus he told you so he can’t be into me as he so told you. Plus isn’t he dating?

No they broke up.

I throw my hands to heaven in dismay.

How is a girl supposed to read a sign that a guy likes us, when he wants a pen, he tells me.

When he wants me to laugh at him mocking this girl’s chose of hair do, or that guy’s chose in foot ware, or that some girl was in the toilet pooping while he and her were on the phone but telling me he likes me he goes to you?

I don’t know he like you.

Forgive but I’m not interested.

He did everything to tell me, show me, otherwise, besides I’m not interested.

I’ll just put aside you told me.

Hay, he likes you, he acted that way because he likes you.

Lmbo no he acted that way because I made a pass on his boyfriend

No he told me he likes you.

He told me he was in the bathroom, with a guy.

I don’t know how to tell if a guy likes me, but I am feeling the singlehood.

I have no experience in being the girlfriend.

I have no idea if asking him to just let me know when he makes it home is nagging.

I don’t know how to ask how was your day and make it sound like I genuinely care and when he gives me little to nothing I don’t know how to press him to just open up.

I don’t know how to tell him that when he is away my heart ache.

I don’t how to tell him I check his Facebook more than I check time to feel like I’m close to him.

I don’t know how to pour myself out and care and want to be held by.

I don’t know how to reserve that woman to lend on another human being.

I only know how to stand and do what needs to be done if I need to close my eyes and trust God and Him alone to move me.

A passive man won’t do me any good.

A man of idleness cannot hold water to my purpose and operation.

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