Loving you

Derek “Honey?”

Sara peeks up at her husband from the mirrors as she applies her night cream.

Sara “Yes dear.”

Derek clears his throat “Do you love me?”

Sara chuckles softly – you know I do. I married you didn’t I?

Derek scratch his forehead and straightens his glasses on his face.

“I found pepper spray by the nightstand on your side of the bed.”

Sara inhales and moves to the bed. “Well dear it’s for our own protection. “

Derek eyes widen “From what!”

Sara grabs Derek hands as she slips into the bed.

“Darling, remember last week I told you, I heard something, what did you say to me?”

Derek looked at his wife a bit wondering what does one have to do with the other. ” Well I said it must be a squirrel, go back to sleep I’ll call a exterminator in the morning.”

Sara nods in agreement ” yes but we found a cat not a squirrel and it had 1 kitten and made a crawl space out of our home.”

Derek ” but baby we got rid of the pest didn’t we?”

Sara smiles” Why, yes dear, and ever since I’ve been sleeping with weapons, if my husband won’t get out of bed to check and protect then I sleep well knowing at least one of us armed.”

Derek explodes with laughter ” pepper spray is a close contact remedy, what if the burgerler is in the room and you forget the pepper spray?”

Sara with a smile” dear I have scissors, blades, lighter, and a BB gun under my pillow the moment the intruder steps on the last step which creaks I’ll wake from my light slumber just as I did with the cat.”

Derek interrupt” honey, you don’t need those things. I’m your husband, I’ll protect you.”

Sara turns off the room light ” dear you love your sleep, you won’t allow noise between it. Better to have and not need, then need and not have.

Sara kisses Derek’s forehead

“Besides, i would just be appalled at the thought an intruder uses my daily scissors to harm me Good night dearest.”

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