Dear friend

Your name popped into my head and then my entire world froze.

Through I wish to reach out, the laughter of you moving on, made me not.

I was hit by nostalgic an elephant name memory lane the smell of your cologne now a distant memory.

I stutter, to think what you would be up to.

Climbing this ladder, to be the next big thing, well while I hope you remember to deliver to others, you.

I know your a wonderful act and a great impressionist

While your on that stage you sell, yourself not short.

Kid, you were wonderful in the times I knew you.

Don’t get hung up on perfection as it does not exist.

Don’t get hung up on flaws, as they are just the flesh of the package, the tip of the iceberg.

No love I want you to hold true to the beauty that is you.

Your what’s irreplaceable.

No one dead, alive, or yet to be will be you.

So please don’t forget to just be all inclusive, darling you.

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