Everyone has that place.

The ones you know, you have to be careful what you ask, how you say, and what you can get away with.

You know stingy Pete will give you nothing. You can tell him anything and know word won’t spread but if you think you getting anything out of him, you have a better chance at demanding rain from 1 gray cloud of blue sky.

Clare the charmer, she smiles but conservative. You can have your two cents but she has 4 and don’t mind sharing it.

Darlene that girl is nothing but smoke. Hot headed pretend to be full of Bible but hasn’t change to save her life. Good thing you only see her at work.

Crazy Harry you went to college with. You speak every other full moon if any. You expect nothing from. Your updates are as minimal as current times. But then he brings up an obscured past that evidently he was asleep during your so called glory days and out the blue sends pics of him without request and then ask you to do the same. The same person that rarely update Facebook pic from highschool. The same person that feels porn is such a poor substitution you rather play video games or make a cake send for a pic. The very same person that never send a pic of intimate relationship. Please.

Then there is sweet Darren, down for anything, have your back if he had it, it’s yours.

Lana my homegirl, who doesn’t call often but whenever we meet up we’re like Beavis and butthead, high off life laughing so hard, stepping on our own toes.

If there is one thing I learned, I don’t confuse one person from the other, I know who to get my kicks and giggles with, and who I need to just simply talk to.

On one hand time changes a man, on the other who you are to me is just that. I won’t call a coward, when I’m scared of a stalker issues. If I need to run errands calling Pete ain’t for me.

So the next time you see me and know me well, whatever box I’m in when we meet is a box I stay indeed.

In order to be girlfriend, I need my guy to first be my friend. Learn me. Understand me.

Then put expectation for one another is genuine, I can’t expect something from you, I know your not. Don’t expect something from me, if you knew I’m not.

Let’s just be honest. Wasn’t it annoying to hear Bob ask you something and after rejection he said ” I knew you say no.”

Well bub it would have been nice to save me time.

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