On My Chest

I have to tell you what’s on my mind.

Biting my lower lip, at the thought of your expression.

I like you.

You look at me almost shock but also impress.

Your mouth watering handsome, your funny and I love it.

When you have had a long day. And want to say nothing drop your head on my shoulder. Feel on my side, and curves.

Inhale my perfume, as I stroke your back. Let me rub your neck, and crown.

Let me look at that face then bite ever so gently your lower lip with a teasing jolt.

Don’t go to your room and close me off.

Don’t sit on the couch and settle in yourself with the world bickering replays in your mind.

Don’t close me off and shut me out as I waited lovingly to be held by your embrace.

Dear if the world turns it’s back 7fold it was not I. Make me not your enemy and remind me how you are open to doing the same.

As I am not good with words all the time.

As I speak before I think, sometimes.

As I am used to being one remind me to be open to you in my dark hours.

As I don’t wake up sunshine and roses. Let me be your light even if I shy away cause I’m not used to being needed or wanted as much as you may want me.

Let me remind you of shivering nights that you cave into passions of me and how you only wanted morning, noon and night my warm tender twins forget them not.

As you rest upon my hills and your fingers between mine tell me your worries or fears.

Tease my neck, and I your earlobes

Make our groans raise to ears of space so the world knows your love is mine and give it to no other dear.

Now what’s my name?

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