Regular Day

I am so thrilled to be grown.

When I’m out and about I can just breathe “I’m grown, ain’t no body got time for this mess! I’m grown now.

Yes older adults be throwing tempter tandrums, and optimatims, “like boy go on, I’m grown. “

My emotions don’t run me. See no that just childish. Whatever I need to do I will cover it, but what I don’t, i be like,ok that’s either be done or not.

So forgetful too, it’s hilarious, like I surprise myself by recalling the important things I need then what I don’t I toss, like people.

Sorry we got to have a purpose. The moment I am wondering what your doing in my life I got to cut you out bud.

Nothing personal but dead weight is dead weight, I can’t be some hippie looking like the time will come when this block of wood will tell me what it wants.

Either it’s a door stopper or my weapon of peace ok.

I had this done to me and I’m like I understand I’m too real for you, so you can’t handle me. Honestly I was just thinking of idk blocking your number and yet you beat me to it, oh darn it.

Look a can in the street I can kick til I feel better.

I understand relationship has to be about give and take and some form, it has to.

We either grow, mature together or see you on the other side, look I get it.

I mean no need of sticking around where your not slightly wanted.

This pandemic has been such an eye opener. Like people demanding 3rd checks I havent seen 2nd. Then there is greed and friendships are tested.

I get it, so on your way out please lock the door. Or have a seat.

I mean cut your loses, get out while your ahead, anything you have to do before presuming that I am afraid to lose another person.

I told you, we’re friends. How about showing me, cause your mouth is starting to you into trouble.

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