Auto nothing

Unless it’s a car I hate that word.

Not even all vehicles have the same speed diameter.

I was reading a friend’s blog, and his blog is good.

I came across a few words and was like. Google you nosy body prick you tell all my business to the wack jobs in the seats.

Smart phone you dumb phone, recording without my permission. Interface games cheat and you use your fricking finger to point.

The phone even pick and choose what to kick you out of like “I was using that app.”

Computer dumbputer your keys stank, they always stick and mouse deface.

And auto correct you ass you spelled mondane wrong it’s mundane.

I like to write like Dr. Seuss but if auto correct was a soul I shoot it to hockey sticks.

To all you wonderful bloggers that liked my post thank you for looking past the misspelled words, the words that were spelled correctly but definitely did not belong there.

Please accept my apology as I am now looking for my thesaurus. I would speak into the phone but as I said cellphone.

Is like dial up, that long annoying similar to scratch on chalkboard sound with beeps as through trying to send hidden message other electronics to misbehave til they rid of humans.

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