Treacherous fence of love

I know God knows love

Its eternal fight to pick the right side.

Like a child that love his belongings then a serpent more evil then some bad guy name villain or bad guy.

No he was servent to this nice boy, then this evil thing became aroused with jealousy and anger brought other rude, nasty, kids followed him and grabbed these belongings that had soul and pushed them out of the child’s hand.

Thrown these belongings by the way. The loving child wept then tossed out this outlandish evil thing and its friends.

The word love is transcending.

How active or passive is love?

God so love the people of the world He sent His only begotten son.

Brandy wrote two songs, her admire Whitney Houston is without a doubt a reflection of her in it.

“Almost never had”and “have you ever?”

Of course there are many songs of love but the high light of those two.

The lyrics ‘what can I do to make you see,” and everybody knows that almost doesnt count.”

When it comes to these songs, the inexperience heart wouldnt ache. These just sound nice to the naked ear.

But the heart that reminisce of the time of love, seeing someone hurt, is like a kick to the knees, and back.

Unlike I can’t make you love me, how about I recall how we almost were?

The us that I wait for you to enter tje door and eventually you do.

The us that I watch you as you in the other room and you speak to me about your days, what you dream and just whatever.

Maybe then it’s not love. It’s obsession

What is line between admir, obsession, passion, or love?

As I thought how the boy must have felt due to his precious things.

Except His love is greater and without measure. How He yearns to show His wonderful works, it’s life.

Watching someone not see, the concern, or disappear because of the inaduency of how to receive other.

Unevenly yoke, with a questionable match.

The game is set, the tide has turn.

Is the person your with match for you? Do you have a person?

What I see in you, can bring a beautiful future but I see nothing pass my own hands but desolation.

I know you don’t believe me, but I had no intention of making life harder, or to press you, my window to your wellbeing is just limited.

No doubt the love of man and the love of Yoshua is different.

There is nothing unseen for the Father, and His love is that we change to walking, speaking, thinking, and faith of the righteousness of the Father.

My love is selfish, is a bit cunning if I remotely act or give another thought I rebuke daily and almost hesitantly.

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