An acquired taste, that’s me.

The water has a shadow.

It is supposedly tasteless.

It is vital, it too is an acquired taste.

I want to laugh.

I’m so tired of worrying how I look.

I remember a time I could turn heads and certainly not effort was made.

Now I’m ever anxious, when did I become this person?

When will a memory of my beauty return, Lord let me not die this ugly.

Let not death visit me uglier than this moment either.

Vanity maybe fleeting but I cursed none my enemies to lose face.

Ah I be cremated anyway. Sigh at least I’m not connecting.

Woe he leaves me for a prettier girl.

Ah, hope she doesn’t require makeup to keep him, least he catches her.

I’m pretty sure everyone feels the weight of limiting connection as I witness many words in new games look elementarly placed.

I yearn to drive on the streets as the sun just kiss the day listening to my tires, ba dum de dum, be da de dum on the street.

As the street has patch of holes, or the former regular irritation pre corrvid irritation of day driving seem long lost from a time I can barely recall.

I don’t know which is sadder, a former friend from 5yrs ago not knowing who you are currently reminiscing about a you, you don’t recall.

A flame with a fling that abruptly ended but your only current passion, so no one to put out the fire.

Or a flaky friend reminding you of a promise they break and won’t mend.

Like why invite me out to eat when you canceled and still canceling as you make the plan.

Yes water has a shadow.

I’m going to run me a hot bath, you people aren’t going to run my nerves rampit, my skin needs some loving.

Maybe watch everybody hates Chris, poor child more activity in 3 minutes to keep me company.

I knew someone to last 3min…jk.

Or am I?

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