Ain’t real

I had a dream last night.

It was of a former friend and he had a girlfriend.

My they seemed awkward, forced, just trying so hard.

I told myself this couple looks cute but why is she looking at me like that?

So he helped her over this weird bar and made it clear I am to cross independently.

No problem.

Not looking for handouts, nor was I trying to make a rift between the two.

Still she looked at me funny.

I guess there’s still no mirrors in dreams.

I rode with them to my destination and as I came upon it I wanted to just be dropped off at the store.

How about this imprudent ass took me home.

How the hake you know where I live?

I really wanted to go to the store.

Then I hopped a plan, it was private, when the hake I get over flight?

My siblings looked different.

I notice my brother and his girlfriend but boy they look different. Makes me seriously want a mirror.

That couple was so odd.

It felt as if they wanted to put on a show, but like this lifetime he and I were never that close.

It didn’t occur to me that his feelings in that moment could shift to discomfort around the likes of me.

Was I me in this dream?

Often I feel the face we have before a dream is shift and we’re like in a game incapable of seeing our face or changing clothes.

Honestly the girl seemed to show fear and discomfort then love and respect.

In either case if I’m with someone I’m not looking at his past.

Competition is what you make it, besides I made it far too obvious this guy annoyed me.

He kept insisting he could drive me, that he is taken, and that he was happy.

It’s only disgusting that if your happy then why make it so obvious you won’t help me over the high rope, hell we could have went around I’m no spring chicken and my back hurt.

I opened my own door to the back seat. Honestly I would want the back if she weren’t there.

Ruining a perfectly good shopping trip, I like to eat, and this guy made me a little nervous.

Smh why in dreams I don’t argue more.

The van was black for Pete’s sake.

Is when I want a mirror the most do I wake up.

Am I the only one that wants a mirror in the dream?

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