Harsher words

There was a girl, that as I shopped I thought I knew.

She looked different and the perplex look on her face could not prepare me for the words she uttered next.

These words were spiteful, a bit true but had no place being said due to my condition.

See words uttered from others in their pain are their cross to bare.

I, like many people was insulted. You would be too if you heard what she said.

No one is at fault for your pain, it is childish to throw fits and bite, snarl or bark at others like some rabid dog.

I simply shrugged and walked away, as my former self had no words for bullies, no but if you push I’m throwing the kitchen sink, fridgerator, and oven, so watch out.

Words can heal, mend, break, torture, cut, or save if you mean anything.

I recall a guy name Joe and no matter what I try you couldn’t cheer him up, he would mope that stick in the mud for the sake of being.

I cease.

Such effort is better used making a flying car.

Some people don’t want good-kind-upbeat, words from a friend.

And others how dare you tell them the truth if the subject themselves only to be bitter Betty’s.

As I reflect on I could not agree more that I am a lot kinder to others.

If you think me cruel oh boy hear what I say about my screw ups.

……I used to say.

But now that my leaf is turn over, I think the dear Lord above for my possessions.

It isn’t in this world that I cherish but things I have found I always had.

i just have to stop being a dick to one precious person at a time as I be friends never stop seeing good in myself.

The words of others mean nothing if I feed me power, then everything else follow.

Self have a little faith in me.

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