Rotten but Gone

She knew.

You have to let it go.

How could a person be that stupid!

You have to move on, babe.

She let her brothers do that. To me.

You are nolonger a victim of their twisted life, move on.

In broad day light can you imagine being some tool for some rigid boys sick fantasy in the streets?

Can you imagine the dark fantasies that entire family have to deal with to date?

I don’t care!

It wasn’t fair.

You weren’t there.

But I’m here.

Go away.

Don’t push me away.

I don’t want you here. I wish I had tear out his arm a new one.

I care about you.

You don’t know me. I wish their hands were ripped off leaving nasty numbs for them to never touch again.

I know that you were wronged, and that it was not your fault.

I hope they get hurt.

You need to heal.

I hope someone does to them 1000 fold what they did to me.

But then the cycle continues.

I don’t want another person to endure that.

You don’t? Looks like the rest of the world just hopes their enemies recieve triple for their trouble, but pain has a way of looking like cries of violence.

Lord on my knees, take away this pain, and remove the hurt. Wipe away this disgust of the past off me. Wash the fear of acting like everyone is my enemy. Open my eyes to the true nature of how you see them. Lord I want to walk with you. If I trespass against anyone heal them of their inadequacy that I might have caused or aided. Lord I have no power, give me authority to connect with you. Lord renew the right spirit in me that I not be the cause of the rift for your children. My battle is against principalities, rulers of darkness, demons in high places, I give you all my infirmities. I don’t want to hurt no more, I’m tired of hurting others because I know not how to accept rejection or acceptance. purge of me all that is not of you, that I be as you say I am, Aman.

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