Familiar lies

His face is nice, I knew him when.

In my youth when I tore his features to an atom of disgust.

I knew him, and his ways.

He speak sweet promises of nothing, and to my delight a tease without action.

Someone that speaks and thinks it’s everything you want to hear but no performance follow through.

Like teasing a man in all his spots and just no rise.

I knew his kind.

I was better.

I was so better at the game, it would get me in trouble.

This guy was a mere spark to my shadow.

A shadow of my damage.

Yet he could read me, he just couldn’t read or truly define me.

Later I begin to appreciate someone calling me out.

Yet this comes from one who couldn’t hit the ball in his own back yard.

I couldn’t get him out his dark places he so frequently visits.

I couldn’t reach him and bring him to the strength he hid from even himself.

I can’t teach a man a game of the man’s world.

So I relinquish him to find him.

I can’t be held responsible for this guy whom on a bad day I couldn’t crack a smile.

The doors he closed were much heavier and colder than mine.

I saw no potential good in this apple that didn’t know its own seeds.

Plus he made me feel less woman and more masculinity with each cold shoulder.

One that makes you think see this why I knew it was a bad idea to get involve.

As you grow older you must have realize how soft you gotten.

What we can’t do anymore vs what I used to do.

If I was 10 yrs younger I’ll,…. but I’m not.

Some love to say age is all in the mind, well my mind remembered my age but my mouth forgot.

Things not all but some seem to form an attraction when you can’t have it.

Then I remembered I just got so energized when I couldn’t have him anymore, because I never truly could but my left cerebral assumed otherwise.

Yes I said ones name but after catching myself thinking another.

I don’t know whose idea it was to ask a woman whose is it? But it was far from wise.

He bailed like all teasers when given opportunity running with his tail between his legs as if he had put his foot in his mouth.

Leaving me wondering was it me, out in the cold he didn’t turn back.

He proposed and I then followed up with a dare he just couldn’t commit to.

All talk and no bite. See I am the epitome of teasers. I love it’s art of illusions, and often not always I expected follow up.

I did not do so for lack of interest but in some cases I did so as a buildup, and others a reaction seeker.

But if you going to tease for a decade you better make sure when opportunity is given chickening out is not an option.

It’s not just your ego, my feelings are on the line.

Promises promises still a damn tease at 34, smh.

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