Navigating the Room

This is amazing, after all the late nights, the hoops, the people pleasing, the rejections.

I am here.

It’s nice to finally be here, but…

I am alone.

I have a husband but no one else is trying to get one.

Why do married people want others to marry, when their relationship isn’t worth a lick to mimic?

Why do the ones that one partner didn’t want kids act like it was honesty to betsy a team choice?

Be fruitful and multiply was not for offsprings alone, it was gifts, talents, something to give, other than how to bring a child and have no trade to train in.

No ambition for your childrens future just have because you can and no plan is as if they arrived without intent.

What a shame?

I got a business but no one else seems to understand that the last person to get paid is I?

Yes I set my own hours but I first had no choice.

I have a home, but no one understands how I have to manage it and everything else.

Get this, get that, you put up this or put up that? How much more can you run my home and yours with my money and no idea how much I have, owe, or trying to save for a bigger plan for myself?

How do some people who don’t have it together privately manage to keep composer in public?

Or perhaps what I should be asking, is how do I take over a room to enter and regardless who do not address me, I am it.

I am the person to high to reach, validation is child’s play.

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