Grown mind set

These little boys don’t get it.

Not asking a woman her age is just courtesy.

Has nothing to do with secrecy or you learn you die, don’t take it wrong I seriously want to knock a man in the jaw when he ask me.

It just like me asking so how big are you?

Where I live?

Grown men aren’t concerning themselves if I’m from the East, west, south or north. At least not the ones concern with who I am as a person and woman.

Only broke guys living high life of smooching off a friend is worried about my address.

These little girls need to stop trying to raise grown boys.

Having babies with these little do nothings.

Your pinching pennies trying to make a dime, he throwing away dollars like there l leaves.

When they dump you for nagging them to grow up they start seeking replacement baby making maids.

Beware the sistas that complain, woe to you that allow your feelings to dictate your path.

For when the sly fox come knocking be sure to hide or have a rifle ready to shoot down all advances.

Don’t let him in, don’t pet him.

Don’t tend his wounds.

But cut his fancy tail and wear as a tie.

For if you let him stay your sure learn why.

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