Available aid

I get it. Your pain takes more medicine then mine but have you ever thought how stupid that is?

My body just smart it don’t like sounding no alarm I’m in pain and when aid arrives I just want a little and poof pain gone.

But your tolerance of pain is not that you can ignore it til it gets out of hand.

Where by then your body would need more to take care of a pain that had escalate to stubborn.

Pain is alot like people.

You can tell a person the same proper things and they don’t listen it takes the village to tell this one fool if you do this then this happen.

This village fool continue to ram their head into the walls until then this fool passes out.

That’s pain in the body. And this fool can lead others into the wrong path.

So my pain level isn’t irrilevent due to not needing much to calm the storm.

My struggle, my cross, my troubles I handle, the village doesn’t have to come knocking waving their finger.

I won’t be ashamed of my falls. One by one I knock down my failures and limitations but to define my limitation as you define yours we both be wrong.

I’m going to rest when I’m tired.

I’m going to catch wind when I’m out of breath.

I’m going to hangup my feet when I been standing too long.

I’m not going to push to breaking point.

It don’t pay enough.

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