Seen better

I don’t know why or how such a cliche motto exist.

Like jump on while the iron is hot.

Or get this offer while it’s hot.

Or be the first to….

Like I’m not saying you jump I jump.

I’m just saying it is rare that the first girl the guy met, married and they live happily ever after.

I want to weigh pros and cons as to wether I can wait this out and make sure I didn’t hop into this and miss something better.

I mean I been the one that paid 3-5x for something and just shortly after these mean people show me up by paying less then 75% of what I paid only a few weeks after I paid or hake a week.

There are feelings and time and just a lot that goes with this I don’t mean to sound shallow but guys weigh their options be with this person 10yrs before putting a certificate to that refrigerator. 😆😆😆.

I don’t want to wake up 6months later and think oh boy you again, I guess I care today about feelings.

I could easily squash his humanity pretend I don’t have feelings I mean guys don’t show them why should I?

We can be the duo that just shove through it!

You don’t want to tell me I’m pretty. Fine I won’t tell you either.

Damn I just don’t want to have to think for the both of us, I mean come on some of these life things is just putting one puzzle to the other why do I have to drain my brain coming up with why your idea is just over the top stupid.

Like I got this look on my face clearly trying to come out nice while fighting a great urge to slap the back of the head and scream juice! was that a good idea? And my Holly queen smile.

Time +resource + distance = duh.

It’s not hard…no nope I think I’m better by myself.

I had given up on one party(bm) and then this side (wm)was like huh no so I’m like who else I’m going to date?

Darn shame feel like digging in a barrier of despair and pity and this is what I got.

Someone throw back the fish. I don’t want him.

Priest looking confused ” Are you objecting to your own wedding?”

Me running I want better!

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