Since when?

I was about 5 when I learned to ride a bike.

I was about 8 when I first bowled.

I was 6 when I was tricked into a fun game of dishes.

I was 12 when I learned to skate…on concrete. Cause on marble is another thing which I leaned 7yrs later.

I was 7 when I was taught gardening without gloves in red ants is a requirement.

I was 4 when I learned my parents really dad wished for a boy and in turn was I marked guity.

Honestly no one told him to drop his pants.

I was much older when I came to terms and realized the illusions of my up bringing was far more my parents than I ever knew.

I didn’t need to drink or smoke to be enlighten.

I didn’t know being slow in reaction could cause some people even in the pandemic to be still asleep.

I mean well kind of hoped more were awake around my age.

But instead they fell further into eternal sleep.

Alseep to the idea of what fun is.

Alseep to what friends are.

Alseep to know what boredom really is.

Alseep to the idea of power.

Asleep to violence.

Asleep to truth.

Alseep to walks of life.

Asleep of possibilities that are so dormated that vocanos that haven’t been formed have more life to.

I love to bowl, I wouldn’t dare numb the excitement of the tightness in my chest as I hold my perfected weigh high color ball in my hand as a 8 pound or the dark marble blue change from blue to dark green to dark purple shimmering under the light..

I inhale this marble scent of fainted playdough in my hand as I calculate for the perfect turkey. I want a turkey. I want a turkey. I want a turkey. I can hear that turkey gobble gobble gobble high pitch teasing me.

I got a spare.

My two tone shoes mock me. I shall return.

Smooth nice floors, I reach the rug as I stare not at my oppenent but at the screen.

Don’t hit any pins I pray.

Dang. My turkey.

But I smile as this is just the beginning.

That’s my rush.

Living in the moment, not fading in the time involuntarily leaving my body to the element of this foul world.

Such irrational irrisponsibility.

Living life promoting absent mindedness.

But what can you expect from people who are just asleep at the wheel of life.

Asleep? how do you have fun without the buzz and the high? They ask.

It was never my thing for starters.

It has still no appealing qualities.

At this age a very dumb thing to add to my purpose in life.

You can’t even describe your high, nor explain the events in between.

But at least I know the difference between 2 fingers and 2+2.

Also I have my own place to go to while your trying to figure out how to get that buzz or next high you can’t handle alone and at home.

Sad part is you don’t seem to know your sinking in despair and your friends just waiting for you to not wake up.

Waiting for you to lose your last life line with them so they can later shrug their shoulder living in a world where fleas not worried to nibble.

Texting is dangerous.

But beware the devil’s playground is the mind of idleness.

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