Risk at All

You gotta love me.

I mean every fiber of your being has to desire me to the point of no return.

You can’t go weary of me.

Like a child bored of the same flick 4min in.

No you gotta break down walls, for me.

You gotta rise for me.

When you fall you gotta get up don’t lay there.

You have to let me know exactly your plan and it doesn’t have to be verbally but I have to be able to read you like we are one.

You can’t go to the left.

Nor to the right.

You can’t leave me wandering if I’m remotely replaceable.

There’s a storm coming.

High tides of 30ft high and 50yards wide above normal.

Will you still be beside me?

Alarms and sirens are blazing in the distance.

Every now and again doubt creeps up.

My veins pulsate with nerves crashing down upon one another.

Because if you want me to sacrifice for you…I only want to know one thing.

Have you…

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