Open to smoke

It beats but that’s all it did.

It bled and that’s all he could do.

Slash, brush, crush, throw, toss.

I didn’t know how to feel.

He came, he left.

Will you?

When you call me ma’am.

It’s mad respect.

When you speak corny, I didn’t feel at all.

You said good morning and it beat.

You said I made your day, and felt heavy.

This pressure I’m not sure I can get use to.

But none will return, but you did.

I’m used to pretty boys letting me down.

I’m used to nerdy boys not knowing what to do with me.

I’m used to street boys running me over.

But you might work.

Your not as flashy.

Your not as showy.

But I ain’t scared of you.

Is that wrong?

Should I be worried you would hurt me?

I got so many bruises.

It’s taking it’s time to leave my skin.

I don’t want to cry just cause you said you’ll wipe my tears.

Nostgic me thinking of my life when I fell so hard that I just can’t help but notice I bounce back then, I’m not able to do so now.

Can you imagine what I see in you a bit of music, a touch of romance, a slice of hope, a dash of beauty.

Will those backfire on me?

This heart is flesh again, and you broken me.

I’m heavy with my heart on my sleeves.

I’m willful without a filter.

I’m a straight unapologetic shooter.

I won’t hide me behind the curtains and pokerface I possess not.

Can I tear off you the boy and you mold in me the woman?

Or will I end up burned again?

In the mean time I pray and enjoy these fumes.

I’ll hold onto the hope as a grade school girl on her first crush.

As I listen to music that makes my heart feel light as a kite in the rays of evening sun between the low breeze of Autumn and if you dare to hurt me.

I’ll rain down on you like a thunderstorm on a small motor boat on the pond.

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