Unethical urge

This flesh is terribly mad.

I realize the only way to forge is forward.

I hide behind my fears to keep from getting beaten.

A bridge to keep my sanity safe.

During this time I realize I have no grounds to run to.

I could no longer gravitate to this pull of negative actions.

What I presume was safe was in fact self endangerment.

The things you learn in reflection of timeout.

Do I concede to this new uncharted path?

Do I pray hopeful even through the shadow isn’t as behind me as I thought.

I seen destruction and jealousy as this rabid snarling dog.

Chasing its tail and worst anything else on the block.

I see figures in the shadow marking my comings and goings.

I don’t want my strength gone, or tested.

I don’t wish to have my fears come upon me like waves thrashing ever so heavily upon rocks at the jiggered edge of the cliff.

I seen beautiful men leave me.

I seen average men wear uglier mask.

The heart is but a wicked thing.

If you had a list of what you wanted, you only received 88% how unhappy we are.

The one thing you want you do get, and how miserable you are.

I wouldn’t call life a race, but a trivia.

If I, Danny, and Sue were at the starters line and he had more hurdles, more holes and puzzles to pass, how the hake he still beat I but lost to Sue, whom I beat.

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