The expecting generation

Can I have this?

What will you give me for this?

I didn’t mean to take that.

This pressure, shake down or squeeze young kids attempt to put on their parents.

From the only child household to the you have how many?

Punishment or rearing takes so many forms.

And deep down we rebuke ourselves for being that parent that sound just a little out of sorts if ever we are pushed to do so.

You spanked, deducted the dessert and took away the t.v.

You gave timeouts, took away play time, and made them write.

Trying to get them to see why in the long term this will all make sense.

To trust the ones that brought you in the world or raising you truly have your best interest at heart.

Then during this child rearing process this child had the gumption to request an assentive for a punishment placed due to something terribly stupid they did on their end.

I mean so stupid you probably pulled the I’m not the parent card a few times in a day stupid.

I understand some times you want to give the world to your kid but like an ant farm to a child archnist why would I?

Like it just defeats the purpose of grooming a human being that not only had morals but character and wisdom and keen intuitive sight to the miserable world of planet Earth.

You want this child to have model walk, enclopedia brown mind, that the world didn’t give so the world can’t take attitude. But the humility and kindness of a child brought in love.

But if these little demons keep thinking the world owes them, they are in for a very rude awakening.

I don’t know what you believe in but I just look forward to seeing a parent hold the hand before Jesus in heaven and point at the earthly child like I tried, I couldn’t give anything else but i try, slap the child back of the head and say what you have to say about yourself?

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