Without saying

Maybe I should say nothing.

But you keep bringing it up.

Maybe we should part.

But I could just be impulsive.

Hake but that is my very nature. My gene making.

How can a guy make mention brag about seeing in everyday things or pictures of a tool he barely has.

Being supportive and backing him up I do gladly.

I can tell him he can be anything from a racer to an astronaut or astrophysicists but I ain’t going to pretend falling out during sex is attractive.

I may not be that good with math, but it doesn’t take a scientist to see a short stick isn’t going to keep the shower rod up.

Hake to get behind the fridge you need a broom.

And pencil dick ain’t even enough for the pencil sharpener.

You can say all you like about the motion of the ocean but doll a ponds a pond and ain’t no motion in it.

She can be without energy, she can be low with will to live but one look at that won’t gain her desire.

The thrill is gone.

Not saying have king kong but your smaller than a 16oz bottle of water.

I like you, but I need more.

Think about it.

Whatever position you in there is pull, thrust, and distance.

Ain’t much to thrust or pull without distance.

And don’t even talk about bags you can’t ride em.

Doesn’t count to have 4centemter thick on a 1half inch pipe.

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