At the Villa

In a small town lived two families neither poorer or richer than the other.

One family the Wiskun had 2 boys.

The Volts had 3 daughters. The middle daughter loved the eldest son.

The youngest son loved the middle daughter.

Mr. Volts a kind mayor and Woodsman. A family of long wood creativity. Loved all his daughter the same his only concern was for the middle child as she grew fonder for a boy now a man stuck in his ways.

“When will these kids ever mature? Will I ever put to rest my worries?”

The middle child runs to her papa, a crest in her brow, a smile on her face flowers in her hands, no doubt from the florist down the hill, fresh as the aroma fills the room.

The child wraps her arms around her papa’s neck tears ran down her face.

“Oh papa.”

Her papa sighs heavily she is to wed Emerose in a week. Through both parties and kids agreed, her papa knew it was, or suspected she had given up Kevin. He had been away or hiding but keeping out of sight for the past 2years.

The boy is trouble. Mr. Volts loved and had mad respect for Mr.Wiskun his childhood friend, school and college compadre. Father of two boys as they raised their families in close proximity and values.

The two friends fully anticipated the family would one day build a union through marriage. Their wives of the closest of friends until 2 years ago when Mrs. Volts passed away Mrs. Wiskun fully took responsibility for the girls as her own.

It was no secret she wished the Volts had the boys, as she too charish the middle child as much as Mr.Volts some would suggest more.

“Ah my precious daughter so early in the morning. What is this that makes you cry? Cold feet?”

The child shakes her head. Then slowly nods her head. Her papa Pat’s her shoulder and head.

” Dear child you are soon to be wed must you cry so bitterly? Your husband worships the ground you walk on. Or did he try something?”

Papa moves swiftly as if to grab a rod to correct the boy.

Claudia, and Corazon runs into the room with a burst of wind and flushed faces.

Consuela turns to the women “Sisters did you see?”

They both nodded their head despite their Papa’s obvious confused facial expression.

Corazon hugs Consuela ” How does he find her, and they to wed the same day as you?”

Mrs.Wiskun enters the same as the girls. Grabs Consuela’s trembling hands. She hugs her as they both cry. She holds her tightly.

Mr. Volts more perplex then ever sighs.

Mr. Volts “Ladies do tell me the trouble you have escalate to this mountain of tears.

Claudia the eldest spoke ” Papa it is Kevin. He has returned.”

Mr. Volts ” Correct me, but wasn’t he due to return tomorrow? He’s a day early…”

Corazon responds ” Not alone papa! He’s to wed cousin Tessa on the same day as his brother weds Consuela!”

Mrs. Wiskun angry ” My son so shamelessly brings a girl to his brother’s wedding and not only that a cousin and to be wed the same day! I have his hind for this Consuela I assure you!”

Mr. Volts ” I see nothing wrong with having two weddings into one.”

Claudia in total shock “Papa!”

Mrs. Wiskun ” Mr. Volts must your daughter share her day with her first love marrying another woman? I think not. And if he be my son, he most certainly will not.”

Consuela passes into the couch behind her ” She is who he wants! But must I see it?”

The family looks at Consuela with much concern.

Mrs. Wiskun kisses the child’s hand and head.

Mrs. Wiskun storms out ” My child will be happy, I will rip him into shreds before he hurts her!” The door of the front house slams shut.

The Volts chuckles a bit at the Mrs. Wiskun.

Consuela laughs as she wipes her nose from the tissue box sitting beside her. ” She sounds so much like mother.”

Mr. Volts chuckles ” No your mother would had grabbed the lad and tied him into the dungeon he would have seen light til his death.”

The women laughed and Mr. Volts could not help but grow from tender to lonesome.

Mr. Volts slid beside Consuela and motion the others to follow.

” I hope this does not put a damper on the wedding.”

Consuela head drops ” No Papa, I will wed Emerose. He has been good for me. He isn’t Kevin, spared from beauty but he has a good heart like Mrs. Wiskun.

Mr. Volts takes Consuela by the hands. ” My child you lack nothing in mind, heart or beauty. If you wish to marry another in not in the family. We understand. We want for nothing but your happiness. We have a doctor in the family from Claudia marriage. So when I ever leave you.”

Corazon “Papa!”

Mr. Volts chuckles at his daughters shock expression. ” My daughters. ” He kisses their forehead. ” You are my heart that I wouldn’t bare to part but I’m no young rooster, my only concern is to see you each wed to men that love you half as much as I do.”

“Yes papa half as much as you.’ the women chimed then giggled.

Mr. Volts smiles ” My angels I wouldn’t dare to give you to a man that would not lay his very life for yours. One who understands your needs and respect your minds. Although this occasion seemed ruined if you want for anything papa would get you the stars if you ask.”

The women hugged their papa. Corazon ” Dad I wish to marry a man just as you define. Not a letter left or dropped.”

Mr. Volts laughs ” Corazon my poetic soul of hearts will any man measure up to you?”

Corazon hugs Mr. Volts tightly ” You papa.”

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