My purpose of love

You are my meadow in my dream.

My hand that I reach to.

You are my thunder in my laugh.

My purpose for smiling.

You are my sky that I aspire to hieght for.

The stars that I am, you are the light that bounce off me.

You are the warmth from back, that keeps me safe from all harm.

Your lips call for me.

At night your my flight to fight away all these threats.

You are my treat to this life.

Where there’s dark there is you, where there’s light there is me.

If you leave I still be where I’m needed to be.

Come on back where there’s home, in my heart I am whole with you.

In these eyes is a world where just you resign.

There’s a plan bigger then you in I.

No matter the distance between us.

Your web will still be linked in me.

No matter my denial, it’s affectually there.

I cut here and behold it is there.

I walk in the sands of time and feet still there long side mine.

No the stars won’t let me deny our time in the skies.

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