Not a fan

I’m not a horror movie blogger or critic.

I suppose I don’t so much fear them myself.

A mind susceptible to suggestions running wild. Especially…. Well honestly no given time. But so much without warning.

I often wondered the very idea of people’s imagination to film or paper.

That gruesome idea that monsters in the closet, at the door….in your room…ready to slash, smash, or….. something.

Is sort of a scary art form.

The mummy thriller is often suggested to be scary to a younger generation.

But the zombie, I could not join such a club.

The graphics, the chase, the targets…you.

It’s barbaric in a sense people expect such an apocalypse.

I don’t know about you but if in any case the population is overaded with human eating freaks without conscious and my survival relies on my know how, I’m taking myself out gladly.

Scratch any large race of people willing to eat flesh for kicks. Is enough for me.

On the other hand, some sick twisted matter, zombies do exist.

People are constantly rubbing one another the wrong way.

Have incurable disease they know about and still join the rest as if nothing happened.

Still go about life without a sound care in the world, affecting others because to them someone didn’t care enough to warn them.

Or they were told they just threw caution to the wind and was left to be the very parasite they weren’t prepared to become.

Hake anger can be transfered from person to person and in some rare instance someone is pain resistance.

Instead of returning pain for anger they pass on love instead.

Immune to alter moods due to circumstances.

A noble character for some.

A tragic character for others.

The mind is a maze I can’t fathom.

It’s the heart that troubles me.

Through the heart may want it….are you feeding it desires? Or needs?

Desires can be a wonderful tool, of self destruction, or self discovery but beautifully both.

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