The guest at the Villa

Claudia rolls her eyes and pretends to gag. Consuela giggles.

Claudia “It is always the babies that clings the most.

Mr. Volts deep chuckles can be felt through the walls.

Mr. Volts ” My darling daughters are always my babies. ” He tickles Claudia and Consuela for teasing their baby sister.

Papa takes hold of Claudia’s hand ” My precious daughter I cannot believe it has been 6months since you wed and moved out of our home. Will you be staying the night?

Claudia pats the top of her papa’s hand “Papa if you need me I can. However don’t blame me if the doctor comes here seeking me as a lost kitten without a home.

Papa through a smile so big his gums were showing. ” Let him come, it has been awhile since he and I smoked pipe and played games. ” He chuckles ” His face is so transparent I love to see him sweat.”

Claudia laughs, ” Well let me get some things, he would anticipate me being here to spend the night but never brings himself change of clothes.”

Mr. Volts kisses his daughter. ” Be quick my dear. Your sister know not to restraint themselves from sugar and spices with that man coming to eat he might not live to play with me.”

The family laughs. Corazon ” Who knew this man Claudia would choose would be nice in face plain in taste.”

Claudia speachless ” Do I stay or return?”

Corazon grabs her sister’s hand ” Please return, I wish to see your face early in the morning. You so much look like mother when you do.”

Mr. Volts sighs ” My daughters I see her in each of you. Claudia smiles, Corazon’s eyes and Consuela you have her spirit, sometimes a strong spirited and

The door bell rings.

Claudia rises ” I guess this is where I go home to retrieve my things I will return within the hour Papa and I shall check to see the door.”

The family rise from the couch.

Emerose enters the room. Consuela turns away facing the window.

Mr. Volts walks over to Emerose and greets him with a handshake.

Emerose smiles ” Mr. Volts, how are you? Have you seen my mother? She stormed away from me in the village and I just haven’t seen her at home or at Father’s workshop.”

Mr. Volts looks puzzled ” So you didn’t hear?”

Corazon ” um I believe I need to take out the trash. Or something.”

Emerose slyly ” You mean that Kevin has a bride and that she is the cousin of the Volts?”

Emerose walks over to Consuela.

Emerose “his bride holds not a candle to mine.”

Emerose turns Consuela to face him. Kisses her hands and forehead.

This is my love, my heart, my rib.”

Consuela smiles half heartedly.

Consuela is the most beautiful angel and mine.

Consuela scratches her head. “Did you know he would be here today?”

Emerose hugs Consuela’s waist, “I did. Not.”

Consuela nods ” Excuse me, I wish to go to my room. “

Emerose protest ” Darling I came to see.”

Mr. Volts places his hand on Emerose shoulder. ” Let her be. It has been quite the day and time really is whining down, how about we speak of the wedding schedule on tomorrow?

Emerose smiles ” yes, your right.”

In her room Consuela couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling of indifference for her wedding or Kevin.

There was a sound of tapping on her window.

Consuela was so deep in thought she did not hear the figure enter her room.

Suddenly the figure and her wrestled until she fell on the floor.

She could hear a chuckle and a hand reached to her. She recognized that laugh. She refused to accept the hand.

“Leave my room.”

Kevin lends over and picks up Consuela by her waistline. He bites his lips and a soft emph escapes his lips.

Consuela pushes him. Her eyes glued to the floor.

Your a shameful man. Entering a woman’s room who will be wed soon.”

Kevin falls into the bed. “You miss me?”

Consuela ” I did not.”

Kevin leaps off the bed. Examines her as he walks back in forth. ” Liar,” he whispers directly into her ear so to tease her. ” Your breathing has become short, your face is flush, and you won’t dare look at me.”

Consuela’s eyes instantly aligned with his but it was not of longing, hurt, and disappointment hit him like daggers.

Kevin turns around “ I deserve it. But I won’t accept it from you.”

Kevin grabs her waistline and press his pelvis against her. ” You miss it, even if you won’t openly say you miss me.”

Consuela ” What?”

Consuela slaps Kevin then growl through her teeth ” All of you were supposed to be mine, not a fraction. And not just when you feel ready to give me you.”

Kevin kisses Consuela and spends the night.

The next morning Consuela’s head is hurting and bed is empty was any of that real? Why are my emotions so crazy lately that I can’t tell if what happen is real or my imagination?

Mr. Volts voice made Consuela feel like she jumped out of her skin “Consuela, wake up and come eat breakfast. You missed dinner.”

With a yarn Consuela shook off her ghost of fantasies and just as she was going to leave she thought she caught a lingering scent of men’s collegne “must have been from Emerose or Papa” thought Consuela.

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