Forget the boogie man.

Or nightmare on elm St.

There’s a monster on your phone.

And he’s little brother of “big brother.”

His name? Duo.

You know when phones 1st came out, one would worry no one else had the phone.

Later some busybody would connect your calls.

Later huge computers, and t.v.s with huge back….*sniff* and answering machines.

Kiss me through the phone.

Dialup, than Yahoo mail.

Bebo was replaced by Facebook.

These changes, alteraterions, whatever you wish to call it, is a pain in neck to ass.

What was wrong with the former?

But duo app.

A creeps app.

On the phone without permission.

Reviews of 3 stars.

And for what?

I didn’t sign up for duo? Did you?

It’s an app for stalkers.

I mean I’m so old school I used*67 if I trully want to hear my man( cough cough) voice.

But this duo, was created as a free freaking app pushed by Google that idiots that use the unfortunately blasted app may call to face time those who do not use the app.

I miss times where if you didn’t have the app you out of luck.

That would be like Facebook messenger sending you notice and you only have Facebook app, if that.

Hell call my phone you wish to reach me.

Come invited first to my house.

But never.

Ever duo, FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, or tag me in an unorthodox call.

Damn I need a beeper and walkie.

This pressure of society just makes me want to shell myself.

Instead of call block, how about app block?

And with it a denial shoot like some unstable lurch attempt to reach you a voicemail like you been rejected serves them.

Honestly a reject app sounds more fun than a creep enforced app.

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