Supposed there are worst things

I guess I became her.

The one that has to plan around her kid.

The one that mentions her kid every other subject.

The one that intends to go out but of course not alone.

Honestly it’s not so bad.

You got someone to laugh with.

Someone to eat with.

Someone to yell with.

Or hake pretty much at.

But there are worse individuals.

Worst things to be doing.

Like putting time in a relationship that honestly feels more draining then rewarding.

Like lying on taxes uses others kids just to gain money.

Like getting drunk in the alley without a care in the world.

Like using men to get money and honestly putting myself in perdiclements that might end me up in the bottom of the bay.

Like haking into some database to get control that just adds up to petty thieft.

I could be the girl lost in the crowd willing to do anything for attention.

I could seek all kind guys and maybe turn them rude.

I could be that rude mobster ruler that make fake though and sell drugs.

I could be that rude car dealer that sold you that lemon for the sake of her own townhome by the peak of the city and county side.

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