Why does dating have to be so complex?

I got no feelings.

He has all the feelings.

And I’m just diminish.

He wants more, while I want less.

When he wants less I just want adequate.

When we go out to eat I expect hot food and exactly what I ordered.

Why order what you want when you not going to get it?

It may not be MacDonald but damnit I paid for it.

…..He paid for it.

I offered.

But he’s ok with receiving whatever they throw at him.

And he ate my fries.

Damnit the fries were literally mine.

He said (in my nagging Charlie Brown wah wah voice) I want a cheese burger with everything no fries.

Hell he wouldn’t even thinking about sweet potato fries. It was mostly what I wanted but not too filling.

After this we’re so over.

No one touches my fries.

Hell my sandwich was 2x smaller this beast just had 4 huge sandwich to my one and ate the fries.

Yeah I’m smiling now, just imagine when he calls or text next time to hear he’s been block, that will be when my heart sings.

Like it would have for those damn fries.

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