Unevenly disperse

I don’t have time for this mess.

Waiting on friends to let go is like waiting on the edge of cliff for the the other person.

To just let go.

I understand your busy but 1 text message after 6months is seriously worst than saying.

I have a girlfriend can’t talk to you any longer.

Just kill it.

Put it out of misery.

But for Pete’s sake let’s stop going on this ugly cycle.

Beating the dead horse around this freaking bush.

I get it.

Stop pretending like you honoring some code of respect.

We haven’t even gotten to status of health before you pulled out.

Hum, ever contacted an old fling, thinking of the boogie but someone else pick up?

How awkward.

No what’s worse is a wuss slithering around sending emails pretending it was meant as a text but too scared to talk.

Damn those stupid attention relationshippers.

You know the ones that awkwardly cuddle up to boo at place of business but everybody knows going home to other girl.

All under his pits at the workplace dismissing his boo on the phone but he ain’t going home with you, oh so funny little girl scared when he speak to customer girl bye.

In one but ain’t happy til everyone else is miserable shippers.

“Oh you find a help mate.”

Hell that ain’t my prayer.

I want cars, a house a riding lawnmower, and plenty of land no face staring me in the distance.

No obligation to perform.

In any form.

Nor butting heads of who is over what duty in the home.

Hell to be master over rooftop to ground, and the bed is mine, aaallll miinneee.

I’m going to stretch out like king Kong.

I have a sensitive back.

And I’m tired of sticking my neck out for trust and finding my back wounded again.

I don’t know about you but whenever I read the Bible it reads let each man have his own wife. Ok mathematical speaking women out number men and there is zero constitution that reads I must marry or perish or suffer.

Why do women even do that?

On one hand your a feminist for not wanting to marry on the other no man wants you cause your a tyrant.

I’m not fighting for women’s rights although I’ll love equal pay, hello.

I just don’t think it wise to tell another woman a man is her savior. When marriage may not be even God’s plan for her life.

Hake I fight for individual right to chose.

Girl your husband is coming and all she saying is she needs her car fixed or a roof fixed, or a car, what wouldn’t it just be cheaper to get these fix then include a man and his shit.

I understand I’m no picnic, is why I still choose not to mingle.

Plus one less mouth to feed.

One less mouth drinking my yoohoo.

One less mouth eating my ice cream.

One less hand misplacing my things.

One less feet messing up my floors.

One less argument about what to eat, dress, or destination.

One less lie I have to tell in case I forget a birthday🙄🌝😁.

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