Inspiration In the Villa

Joining the others downstairs Consuela smells baked fresh bread, grits, eggs, gravy, and bacon which makes her queasy. Oh how she hated the smell of pig and cow. Her sister often made fun of her unique sense of lifestyle. How different Consuela was to her family. Papa loved her dearly for she kept his heart check-up regularly even before their mother passed. To keep the peace he reminded the girls to respect ones aspect of life.

Consuela tilts her nose up entering the room she opens the windows. Mr. Volts goes to the living room and falls into his armchair.

Mr. Volts ” Claudia I could eat no more, I’m stuff like pig on Christmas, like Santa after night out, like..”

Corazon kisses papa’s cheek” papa I cook for you like this but you know Consuela hates the smell of bacon and most other meats.”

Consuela ” look at yourselves pigging out to a coma. I am expect all attendance for the wedding.”

Corazon sticks out her tongue.

Claudia laughs ” with the way you hid from Emerose last night I presumed the wedding was called off because you know who returned.”

Papa gives Claudia a stern look. ” Whomever your sister chooses to marry this family will support. “

Consuela grabs a plate throws quits and cheese eggs between two toast then tosses into her ziplock bag. She grabs her duffle bag from the doorway hugs her papa and waves the girls goodbye.

Claudia confused ” Where is she going?”

Corazon enters the kitchen ” She works out at Ethan’s on today. How you so forgetful since moving out?”

Mr. Volts grabs the paper off the nightstand beside him ” Leave her be. She is grown. She knows what’s she doing.”

Claudia places her hand on her hip. ” But papa she almost marry and he’s single and cute and sweet.”

Corazon nudges her with her hip. ” Looks like you should be the one watch. Why can’t a woman keep fit? Better she down street than running all on street, she more than likely would bump into trouble there than with Ethan.”

Claudia shrieks “Papa!”

Mr. Volts doesn’t even look up from the paper. ” I’ve know Ethan 8yrs I knew Kevin all his life. No I trust Ethan, he very good man.

At Ethan’s, Ethan smiles, as he enters the room, his applause startles Consuela “What a work out, want to go swimming?”

Without thinking Consuela shrugs and leaps into the pool. Just as a sharp stab stops her cold a hand suddenly wraps around her and lifts her out the water.

Ethan leaps out of the pool beside her as he pats her back.

Ethan alarm “Consuela!”

Consuela ” I know it was a stupid move Ethan,” she chokes “I just wasn’t thinking.”

Ethan ” Or you didn’t care.”

Consuela looks at Ethan

Ethan exhales ” I know he’s back but you can’t keep giving him this power over you.”

Consuela shakes her head “Why now! I thought I was over it.”

Ethan rises and grabs a towel off the divers board. Wraps it around her as he helps her to her feet.

Ethan with a disappointed tone “Why do you give him so much power ?

Consuela shrugs. “I do not know. How or when I gave him this power. I don’t know how he, a selfish swindler with that face took my heart, soul and mind and crushed it so that it’s like road kill in the sun. I do not know why that power remain untapped while I’m left a corpse of a former shadow of myself. While he goes about as if he done the world some magnificent favor to hurt me. I try to piece it together. But I realized I love being chased but whenever I’m followed and I run no one’s behind me. Yet a dagger is left” Consuela reaches for chest “right here in my chest. “

Ethan looks at her eyes drowning in tears she fights back. He grabs her shoulder rubs them twice before patting her back ” You are too much a remarkable woman for either of them. If you marry the brother you will have to see Kevin and you can’t do these Evel Knievel stunts. Who will save you, if not I?

Consuela laughs. ” Why aren’t you married.”

Ethan steps back sings quite nicely actually “ I’m too sexy for this bod. Too sexy for little girls in grown bods, I’m too sexy.”

Consuela burst out laughing.

Ethan brings her chin up “See, there’s that smile that breaks every man’s heart everywhere if he ever knew it and could never own it.”

Consuela steps back ” You’re just saying that.”

Ethan shakes his head. ” I wish you own it, and see what I see.”

A voice from the door ” and what do you see?”

Consuela looks pass Ethan ” Emerose! What are you doing here?”

Emerose walks over to Consuela and grabs her wrist. Consuela snatches her hand before Ethan could react.

Consuela in a much higher tone that startles both men ” what is going on with you? You know Ethan but you act so possessive! Why are you here?”

Emerose looks at Consuela suddenly his domineer softens.

Emerose ” Your dad is looking for you?”

Both Ethan and Consuela look at one another she folds her arms.

Consuela through teeth ” Papa knows exactly where I am and knows my cell number. Why didn’t he just call?”

Emerose face flush. ” I was looking for you, and you Father mention you would be here.”

Consuela sighs ” So why you look for me?”

Emerose later we will have the engagement rehearsal.”

Consuela holds her hand up to stop Emerose. ” That isn’t til late this afternoon.”

Emerose almost childlike manner ” The priest performing the ceremony asked if we could meet earlier, conflict of time. I told him.”

Consuela inhales. ” Why didn’t he reach me? Why doesn’t anyone consult me? Am I the bride or prisoner in this wedding?”

Before Emerose could speak.

Ethan speaks softly “Consuela why don’t you shower and change and meet the priest after you have cooled down?”

Consuela grabs her things and looks at Emerose with a nod of her head, she disappears into the halls

Ethan takes Emerose by the shoulder.

Ethan remarks ” If you want to push her away you are doing wonderfully.”

Emerose looks at Ethan ” It is you that push her away from me.”

Ethan chuckles ” I’m not the one whose brother is her first love appearing out of the blue. Nor her fiance that spring on her as if she’s a child demanding her to make changes. She agreed to marry you, must you control her every movement?”

Emerose smiles ” I do this for her.”

Ethan walks to the hall ” I hope a better man wins because you’re far beneath her worth.”

Emerose moves in closer to Ethan a hint of alcohol on his breath, with stale garlic ” That better man won’t be you?”

Ethan roars with laughter. ” I hope you don’t plan on kissing because Consuela hates liquor and” he moves closer ” you never know.

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