Currently missing

If you don’t you will regret it.

If you do you will regret it.

I can think about all my misses.

What might have been.

But I’m only piling it on when I don’t appreciate the ones present to acknowledge their loyal, commitment, and love we receive now.

Oh who could have been here, should not diminished value of those beautiful faces that want your attention.

Honestly they do deserve you to be present, right there in that moment.

Not moaning over the nasty person uncommitted, unavailable, unwanted to be in our lives.

Oh but if I tried harder.

You tried.

It takes two to try.

Maybe your personality isn’t the best, but you tried.

Maybe they just had no intention to stay.

Reaching out to the past won’t bring back what could have, would have.

Missing opportunity now is worst than past miss outs.

That time has gone.

This time is now.

Learning to recognize and seize opportunity takes two.

You could seize the moment and it wasn’t ready.

That’s ok.

You tried.

Don’t stop seizing the moments to come.

Don’t let the past deter you.

Seriously don’t let it cripple you.

Did you hear me?

Are you there?

Sighs another gone. On the phone again while eating at the table.

We’re watching a movie and the glimpse of the corner of my eyes a light of phone.

Sometimes what’s worse is that we talking and your thoughts are just miles from me.

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