Looking at whom?

I rarely take selfies.

Even more I rarely send, or post.

I studied film for 8yrs.

How to make a movie and to this day I critique what should have been done better.

I’m losing my touch.

I’ve lost the desire to make films and it wasn’t exactly due to the pandemic.

Maybe I had a fizzle left before this chaos but the thrill it gone.

My skills I harness and toned from community to university well is not on me.

I checked my back pockets.

I don’t know.

I blamed the stupid cellphone and um yes it sucks quality wise.

I blamed my eyes and um not yet 20/20.

I pray they get better before I exit this world.

Honestly I just don’t like cameras as much.

They used to focus on command, and zoom in or light or work with you.

I so recently took these pictures and I am very please with the results.

I’m usually not easy to please but the shots were Mag.Ni. Fy.

Uh how I can stare at the person in the picture and think for the first time and a while, I see beauty.

I begin to apologize for past stupidly.

I look at her and my that day I felt bad but if I went that day, I would have said wow.

Least that face was gorgeous.

There are some pictures in my past I wondered what the hake was the camera person thinking?

Like how could you think behind those lens, this is a picture worth taking?

I thought wow, you cruel person, could have told me that shirt or my hair just was not it. Smh

I look in the mirror and I think, I’m content.

I guess what the rest of the world must have had a bad picture day.

It’s one thing to be content in the mirror but how about a perfect picture that isn’t shameful if it got out, but beauty stuck on your album to reflect and forgive yourself.

Then you wouldn’t be so dog on judgmental about your neighbor’s who just stick to themselves.

And maybe forgive the butt holes who do stick their nose in your door.

A self picture with minimal filter.

But then again some socialpaths have paintings and still went and stole lands.

Well love yourself anyway, you deserve love.

You. Reading, deserve love.

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