Married at the Villa

Consuela enters the hall between the gym and restrooms looking at Ethan walking up to her. He has a smirk on his face leaving Emerose looking like he been had. Ethan catches Consuela’s eyes and a certain smile appears to concern. Consuela chuckles as his facial expression always gives way to how he feels.

Ethan “Are you feeling better?”

Consuela inhales ” Thanks to you. I don’t know what’s gotten into Emerose. I do apologise for his sudden rudeness. I don’t want to.”

Ethan grabs her shoulders gently. He bends over to meet her eye level.

Ethan nods ” I am here for you. That guy doesn’t scare me. If you need anything, or want to bail, I’m here. So I ask you again. Are you ok? Is he what you want?”

Consuela looks at Emerose whose looking at his watch.

Consuela shrugs ” I. ” She looks at Ethan “I” her heart beats so loud in her chest. Throbbing in her head intensifies. The chlorine in the water seems to be carrying a sweet smell underneath from earlier in her room but it’s still the chlorine she tastes. Her chest feels tight.

Suddenly she can’t breathe, a figure runs behind Emerose calls out to Consuela as she faints.

When she awakes Consuela’s feels a sting in her arm. Her sisters and Mr. Volts are in the room.

Corazon shouts to the family “She’s awake. She awake.

Mr. Volts race to her bedside in tears. ” I am so sorry my dear. I didn’t mean to worry you. Are you ok.”

Consuela chuckles ” I’m sorry but why am I here?”

Claudia angrily ” You hear that papa? She chuckles at our concern. Seriously when will you grow up!”

Mr. Volts snaps “Hush child! You’re sister lie here in bed and you fuss at her the moment her eyes open.”

Mr. Volts take Consuela by the hand. “You had a panic attack at Ethan’s. Your low on iron and you have not been getting enough rest. You been here since yesterday.”

Consuela eyes widen. ” I have been what!”

Corazon hugs Consuela. ” We won’t bake bacon again.”

Consuela hugs Corazon, wipes her tears and hair out of her face. ” Eat your bacon, I do not mind.” She looks at her family. ” I am sorry I didn’t take better care of myself.”

Claudia folds her arms “You should be.”

Mr. Volts looks sternly at Claudia ” Why don’t you find Ethan, he was worried and was just getting ice.

Claudia stunned ” you mean Emerose Papa, Consuela’s fiance.”

Mrs. Wiskun bursts into the room and pushes everyone aside as she weeps over Consuela in her embrace.

The rest of the family just nod their heads. Mr. Wiskun a tall slender gentle men with salt and pepper hair enters soon after. An older version of Kevin but somehow both parents look to be in mid 40’s however they are actually older then Mr. Volts

Mr. Wiskun ” Dear no need to run the child wasn’t going to go anywhere. Please calm down, I’m sure this scene of you weeping scares everyone here more.

Mrs.Wiskun looks Consuela over, ” if you don’t want to marry Emerose no one here would blame you.

Mr. Wiskun stunned “Darling!”

Mrs. Wiskun nods her head ” No, she deserves happiness and you just not over Kevin.”

Ethan enters the room, drops on the bed and hugs Consuela. Like a shivering child she accepts his warm embrace. That smell of chlorine and sweet smell underneath. He hugs her firmer she can feel his heart beat. She can feel his damp shirt and the smell of salt. He strokes her back. It was almost uncomfortable the way he held her she honestly didn’t want to let go. His chiseled chest and nice firm arms.

Emerose pulled Ethan away whose eyes were blood shot. They both were.

Emerose ” Can everyone leave us for a moment?”

Everyone looked around, than almost as if planned looked at Consuela for her say.

Consuela a bit shock ” um, ok.”

After everyone had cleared Emerose closed the doors.

Emerose sternly ” First I like to say. The wedding is off.”

Consuela eyes widen and just as she protest.

Emerose continue ” I was just your rebound guy, and I saw opportunity. But when Kevin returned you, you seemed to want and run and I won’t force a woman to love me.”

Consuela interjects” I’m not into Kevin. ” She pauses and looks down at her hand” but I’m not in love with you because.” She bites her lips.

Ethan enters the room ” because I love you.”

Consuela looks at the two men in her room. She nods with tears in her eyes.

Ethan takes her hands. ” I love you Consuela. “

Consuela looks away. “Why?”

Ethan sits on the bed. ” Consuela marry me.”

Consuela tugs a bit at her hand. ” Ethan, look at this mess. I’m a mess. This crazy ugly mess, you don’t want this.”

Ethan gets on his knees in front of Consuela and digs out a ring box out of his pocket.

Ethan scoots closer to her bed “Consuela your not a mess, your a masterpiece. Your not no, good or trash but an empress. When you fainted yesterday actually saved our lives because a rain shower flooded everything in that area you were supposed to go. It was a sign that this marriage with Emerose was a mistake but we, you and I are written in the stars. Your my best friend. Someone I laugh with and put me in my place when I’m wrong. I even open my place on holidays if I suspect for a moment you might come. I train with you and I have no other sparring partner beside you by choice. I choose you. My feisty, funny, beautiful friend. Will you have me?”

9 months later.

Kevin eases down to Consuela’s ears.

“I think he looks just like me.”

Consuela smiles at Ethan looks at her baby.

Consuela “I’m positive he looks just like his daddy.”

Ethan slides next to his wife nibbles on her neck and chin.

Ethan swoop his son into his arms. ” I don’t know, I think he looks like his mother.”

Consuela’s nibbles on his lower ear lobes ” No dear, he takes after you.”

Ethan almost forgetting the baby is with him, Papa grabs the baby as Ethan growls lovingly at his wife’s advances. Kevin exits the room.

Ethan teases Consuela’s lower back. ” Wanna make another one?” He leans against Consuela’s shoulder as she smells his cologne she recognized the smell. It was Ethan in her room that night. Not Kevin. She bites her lower lip. Ethan smiles mischievously at Consuela.

” I loved you the moment I seen you. Thank you for being my wife and being healthy, and bringing our son to meet us. “

Ethan kisses Consuela’s hand.

Consuela searches Ethan’s eyes ” Why didn’t you tell me, it was you?”

Ethan smiles ” I be whoever you want me to be, but eventually you have to come to me.”

Consuela lightly balls her hand in front of her face and with the other hits Ethan in his shoulders. Ethan chuckles at her attempt. Smoothly brings her closer and brings his face to hers. Consuela moves closer than Ethan moves his face. Consuela’s eyes widen. Papa looks confused.

Ethan ” just kidding, Consuela attempts to reciprocate Ethan’s trick but fails as Ethan catch’s her chin lightly kissing her face.

Ethan ” I love it when you pissed off at me, but forgive me.”

Consuela nods her head.

Ethan tickles her, “forgive me.”

Mr. Vaults ” Here take my grandchild. I don’t know whose more childish you or the baby.”

Mrs.Wiskun ” Give me my grandchild. He came so early in the bliss of marriage you guys deserve honeymoon I mean not even a full year.

Consuela folds her arms “If that was you that night, why the different cologne?”

Ethan looks taken back and nods as if he’s suspected all along “It’s not a different cologne but the one given to me by my first friend when I moved here. She saw a new guy lost in the city and she didn’t just help me find a home, a street address. She laughed, she danced and to remind me of our encounter she gave me, her best this expensive collegne she intended for someone else but instead of returning it and thought he may not like it, because he under estimated the value of her gifts. His rejection was my blessing. She was radiant that day as she is today. That girl, is now my wife and still best friend.”

Consuela looks at her husband and shrug “knew the scent was familiar I just couldn’t pin it.”

Ethan kisses her cheek “It’s ok. That’s then and now we, you and I. Have a beautiful son. Not you and Emerose. Not you and Kevin. You and I.”

Consuela grabs Ethan’s collar and kisses him.

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