It’s a darn shame when age is your best teacher.

Some of the heartaches I could have avoided like a plaqued they were.

I’m not as hard headed as you think.

Hake it would have been so easy had these lessons of life been in my vault, the jews of knowledge.

There in my inventory instead there here in my old age between the shelves of DU and uh.

Like never accept critism from a person you wouldn’t go to for advice.

Sounds simple but what I lived was don’t accept hate mail from people you wouldn’t take advice from.

Or he treats you how he sees you.

Well kind of confusing cause at first guys saw me as one of the guys til the well of attention runs try then selective memory of my gender surface and like a boy with his first quarter to a slot machine they try but I was unplugged. So denied was the name of my game.

But it makes sense as you get older that a guy’s intial response is what it is. Is why it’s so hard for us to be simply friends, it was easier being young and stupid but as you get older they want only one thing… try my patience.

Life would have been nice with a manual.

I would have seriously read it. I was such a nerd for words growing up i assumed tic tac toe, or sos game was done to teach to spell out help using code system in the basement.

But being a bookworm seemed kind of differcult due to people can’t stand silence. It creeps them out.

It would have been better not to test me however. My silence was seriously what saved most bullies.

I believed smack talking are for wimps, put up or leave alone.

Seriously I lived life backwards. These nuggets just would have been the jew of a lifetime.

Or a smack talk book with taekwondo lessons and life would have been smooth sailing.

But I better move on, the past is spilled milk and crying or whining solves nothing.


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