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Now it’s table talk….when this generation desire is more or less unrealistic.

This question what do you bring to the table?

From the beginning of time you had Man, then woman.

Now you have dreamers, talkers, doers, hake you even have beaters, wimps, posers and liars.

Love is an action.

Men are bread winners, protectors, leaders, and teachers…..or at least that’s what I’m used to know or expect.

The other day my sister rushes into a room interrupting good laughter with a posing question ” What do you bring to the table?” With a serious face like didn’t you just hear us laughing? None of us desire her boshie behind.

Nevertheless the question is to me stupid.

Instead I should ask, How are you? Where you might see yourself in 2-3 yrs? Are you a believer? Maybe do you like my outfit? What do you look for in a partner? Do you own a house? What’s your inspiration? How’s your credit? If me and your mother fell into the bay who will you save? Do you like to travel? What sports your into? What highschool did you attend? Do you live with your parents? Do they live with you? Does my question seem evasive?

What do you bring to the table? Better pray peace, stability, God fearing loving man that would xyz then harm his family, see them hurt, or have them without.

As a woman better hope she brings peace, forgiveness cause sister you know you remember faults more than your last keys placement, stability, and love to do the same.

What you bring to the table?

Action. I don’t just love cause I feel it, but I want too. I wholeheartedly want to see the very best for you?

What you bring to the table?

That’s a very narcissistic question.

What you bring to the table?

If you can’t carry a decent conversation that isn’t about entitlement and your just dessert maybe you wouldn’t still be looking for someone to just throw you love, trust, support, money, house, etc.

What happened to two people just talking. I get dating is almost like a job but hake no one is getting paid to date..

….ok unless your an escort.

Then idk hake this wasn’t about you then.

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