Generally speaking

There are too many factors for nurses or doctors to just be plain out mediocre.

The scales of weighting a person should simply be discarded if the term obesity isn’t simply fat.

Something like how to give shots, take blood, take blood pressure, listening to heart beat should just go to the specialist.

There is a scale that measures body fat and muscle, and to be honest I’m baffled and upset this tool isn’t in every office.

“You’re overweight.” These barbaric bottom feeding pill pushing, drain your insurance your gotta be crazy so I can get paid wanna be doctor but had no will to keep going 2nd hand nurse practitioner.

Can you please be anemic I didn’t study irragulat blood lets get more blood, syphoning my time for nothing person.

I know you eat beef cause your skin tone making false accusations got no time to listen to patients please get out of my office I seen everyone and everyone is the same Nurse Joy.

You know maybe if those who going to take the time to study medicine applied idk self care and love then there would be less deaths, less pill pushing, less office friction, less agitation, less stress and more trust, more bonding between nurse, doctor and patient more understanding root causes less making dumb life altering mistakes that could have been avoided

I’m not saying we should or could be friends, just remember we all die and if your life could be saved one visit at a time, act as through you could be on either side don’t expect treatment you don’t give.

Stop measuring people with the same dog on scale. I just hate whomever came up with a BMI it to me just mean Best Model Individual.

And a slight blood count isn’t definite nor end of world.

“You don’t have any blood.” A nurse of red Cross said to me as if I’m just walking about incapable of bleeding or feeling. Even google was like what, zombie? Just unethically uneducated to call herself a nurse.

And idk if these men are simply liars or didn’t know but I’m not 6.1 but guys my height honestly say they are and I be like no you 5.7 or 5.6 but not 6 anything. You know how hard he argues me down about his 6.1?

Short men just own it. It only kills your chance of getting to be with someone if you hide the most obvious things.

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