Give it to me.

The spark that ignite life so radiant it mutants an unmoveable bond to share love.

I want to ride on light and fly on clouds.

I want to shake off the chains of fear.

I want to stop thinking up excuses and feast on why not just try.

I don’t want to run into those with fear to live that is just darn don’t to be stubborn to stay stuck and contagious with this dark thinking, living, being.

I want to be the virus that affect the nerves to try.

I’m done living in his shadows let me be the rays that warm and shine in that dark area.

I don’t want to just survive.

I want others to fear if they don’t get close they truly would be wondering don’t I miss out?

Like the sun in the vast space burning so dangerously rays of hurt and health in one.

On one end you tried, on the other the what if isn’t just asked but answered

May I be the possibility if you just stop day dreaming and just act.

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