Miss diagnostic

Common sense.

The world goes inside and out.

Right side down.

Or was this always here?

I’m flustered.

I’m seriously baffled as the thoughts pour unto me like a fall of cold water in 60degree weather.

Breathe in you. Don’t take it personally you.

Everything being reassigned and resigned for this generation.

I’m not scared, I just hope I don’t have to witness it.

Common sense. Smh

It used to be a time others were said to have been here before, as if their actions revealed a thorough observation and reflection and the best result would in turn come from this action.

To my own parents I must have been the other child, but to me, I thought I could have done better as well.

You know it’s one thing for children to disappoint the parents and yet no one speaks of the disapproving parent it’s just all they knew.

I do not know who came up with the phase common sense but I am willing to bet he is rolling in his grave as it is not as common, senses of moderate humans seem totally lacking.

I had to stop myself from smacking a child at an action that it scared me how inconceivable inconsiderate this child was.

I thought people would usually get a taste of their own child hood from offsprings. I tell you the truth if you do you are indeed bless.

For if you did you may easily just reflect upon self to get the child you once was a bond you understand.

Jeez if i was my parent I wouldn’t love and adore as I’m not perfect but damnit I’m better than my folks put together. And that truth.

I did dishes at 5, this on has rarely touched the broom.

But then I was never social bug, or interested just trying to take the day in and I don’t spank uselessly, also I know her name. I was often spank for things accused of doing or not doing. I listen and this one won’t even open her mouth to speak up for herself.

Common sense?

Smh when did fully thinking for a 7yr old means they possess this you been here before so you have away motor skills of complete thought so others would have to hear you ask the same simple question as if you did not hear, put away your doll.

This generation 7yr olds “What doll? That doll? Where do I put it? That doll? Can I have it? That doll? What doll? My doll? Put it? Where?” Stretched in 20min about the same darn toy

As if the more they ask the more likely you change your mind and even breathe and live for them.

Me playing with my lower lip.” I’m coming bugs bbbbbblllllllllllllllllthhheeerrrr”

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