These feelings I once had linger to nothingness.

A nerve in my vains still breathing nonsense, your name.

On a page your address no warm feeling or ill wishes.

I searched in places for something to wash it out.

I was fine.

It is ok.

….until I began to erase the drawn hearts with intials of your and mine name.

It was anxiety creeping up my spine and finger tips stretching to my heart like the right switch to the wrong room.

Can I be comfortably happy without you?

Darn tooting, I just need the notebook not your address or memories I made up of us.

Time to grow up, and stamp out anything of you.

No making excuses.

No looking for you in the shadows of my light.

Looking ahead to the brisk of every morning with a smile that reasons you need not be concern.

Suppressing nolonger longing affection but getting rid of the poison which is you.

To the new normal, zapped to live life with new energy.

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