Revelation of Moana

I am sure others must have considered the same ideas as I did watching it.

A young girl and an unfortunate chicken out on a venture to save her people.

This chicken was without brains but it had something the pig did not, courage.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because they don’t know fear.

The pig which had character was forgotten because the moment something got hard it ran and was never heard from.

Even the sea knew the chicken….

Maui this guy who no matter what he done could not please people.

Bless with new found life he sacrifice it to please people never grateful always begging and during so opening a wound he had since he was young.

A boy thrown into the sea by his own parents but as he grew he yearn for love and just went about it the wrong way, hurting and not knowing that his pain and misguided intention would cause a world of pain.

He renamed this pain. For when he stole her heart as she slept she became unrecognizable but honestly when you look through eyes of greed, and self pleasing can you truly see pass your own self?

Maui kept referring to Moana as 2things a princess and little girl.

Until one respects and know self how could one register who others are, as he struggled to connect with the power inside his self.

He denied Moana’s reason for journey and her worth in all that she done tossing her off the boat numerous times and without remorse. As if he rightfully owned her boat in exchange for a self image cave and an armful of fruits. The very island he was trapped for a thousand years. You would think with all that time to reflect it shouldn’t have taken a girl with a chicken to make him realize that both goddess one of land and one of fire were one of the same. I mean he should have studied her before the stealing of her heart.

Do not let others define you, it might be coming from a place of pain and stunt your own growth

There is one thing I agreed with way finding, ” I know where to go, because I know where I’m from.” I like to add where your from often is not who you are.

Moana kept going forward through her people were taught to fear and stay.

Where she was wasn’t even a bad place.

And one good friend of courage to stick by you is better than a smart friend that only likes you when the situation is good. Even Maui’s friend spoke sense. He wouldn’t listen but he told him.

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